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Prioritized K-12 students and teachers


The General Assembly has increased education funding per student every year since Great Recession to highest level per capita, inflation-adjusted, in state history.  Total K-12 education funding is almost $10 billion (out of a $26 billion state budget).   Additionally funding for 400 school buses was accomplished this year.

Fully funded student funding formula statewide in budget this session for first time in 15 years (QBE, Quality Basic Education formula).

Our high school graduation rate continues to increase, now at 80%.  When Gov. Perdue took office in 2003, graduation rate stood at 67%.

We continue to target funding to make the greatest impact and assure more students are graduating.  For example, dual enrollment for high school students leads to more students graduating and moving more quickly through technical college and four-year degree programs. Expanded career academies, high schools that offer practical skills training and dual enrollment.

We provided students with more educational options through streamlined process and increased funding for dual enrollment; state-offered online AP courses; expanded $100 million in tax credits for students attending private schools (this year); and more equitable funding for public charter schools (this year).

The FY2019 budget funded almost $2 billion in total teacher/professor retirement, which is $360 million more than originally budgeted, to maintain actuarially-sound pensions for teachers/professors.  Georgia is committed to teachers through one of most generous pension programs in nation. (FYI- $360 million is equivalent to a 3% salary increase for ALL state employees. Teachers represent 60% of state employees).

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