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Greetings from the Capitol: January 8, 2018

Greetings From Your State Capitol

Monday, January 8th, marked the beginning of the 2018 Legislative Session in Atlanta.

Representing House District 49 is a privilege, one I don’t take lightly, and I thank you for the opportunity to serve. As this is also election year for statewide office holders as well as all Representatives and Senators some believe our session will be filled with rhetoric and partisan bickering, but I believe Georgians deserve better and will remain committed to producing results.

During this session, my representation of you will have me focus on issues like protecting homeowners from out of control assessments, lowering the overall tax burden in the state, getting a better value for tax dollars spent, and enabling Georgia businesses to thrive by removing burdensome regulations. Additional areas of statewide concern to be discussed will include initiatives to provide improved transportation mobility across urban and rural areas, expand broadband access across our state, address health care access in our rural communities, and further prepare students with the skills necessary for long-term job security in the 21st century.

The 2018 Session also marks the final session of Governor Deal’s tenure in office. Georgia has come a long way since Governor Deal took office. While everyone may not agree with every action of the Governor the past seven year, there is no doubt Georgia and Georgians are better today than we were in January 2011.

Over the last seven years, under the Governor’s leadership, Georgia stands as a leader offering opportunity and economic prosperity to those that reach to get it. Our unemployment rate stands at a low 4.3%, while our “rainy day” fund has reached over $2.3 billion and over 650,000 private sector jobs have been created in Georgia.

During his final “State of the State” Address on Thursday, January 11th, Governor Deal outlined his final priorities as he looks to cement his legacy of transforming Georgia into the dynamic economy it is today. Focusing on the theme of sowing “Orchards of Opportunity,” the Governor reflected on the work we have done over the past seven years that will bear fruit for our children and grandchildren.

Representing you, I am pleased to join Governor Deal during the 2018 Session as we work to provide a landscape to allow Georgians to thrive and opportunities to continue to grow.
As Governor Deal noted in his speech, the work we do today is for the benefit of the next generation tomorrow.

Yours for Georgia,



Representative Charles E. "Chuck" Martin, Jr.

Martin for Georgia
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